Natural Sounds

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Natural Sounds provides a number of nature-themed environmental soundtracks that can help you relax, drift off to sleep or mask out unwanted noises.

The sounds in Natural Sounds are based on actual recordings. Multiple samples can be played at once to provide the best ambience for your needs.

Natural Sounds also provides basic white noise generation.

Natural Sounds includes an adjustable shutoff timer. This lets you leave it playing as you drift off to sleep without fear of waking up to a dead battery.

The optional alarm makes Natural Sounds perfect for powernaps. By setting it for how long youd like to sleep, you can be sure you wont accidentally spend the entire afternoon napping.

Included sounds:

- Ocean Waves
- Thunderstorm
- Mountain Stream
- Birds in the Forest
- Crickets
- White Noise

Listening to music or other sounds at high volume for extended periods of time may cause permanent hearing loss.

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